Here I'll list sites that are of interest to me (in absolutely no order whatsoever), which you may find of interest too. Eventually I'll put up sites that have linked back to us.

Websites Wot I Loike
| insert credit | MegaTokyo DaveZdyrko
EuroGamer GameFAQs GamerFeed
Games Radar Gamiko Nintendo VIP
SPOnG The GHZ The Magic Box
Chudah's Corner Higher Voltage fredart
Nintendorks Sonic Team Nintendojo
Something Awful Rez - a [ review / shrine ] Radio Times
TSSZ anime okashi Anime Plus
The Art of Panzer Dragoon Shenmue Dojo SegaBase
The Mushroom Kingdom The Moogle Cavern The Grandia Sanctuary
Zelda Universe EAGB The Jaded Gamer
Sonic CulT SMS FORCE! Tokyopia
Blessed Magazine Dave's Sega Saturn Page Game Trading Zone
The Sonic Stadium SFGHQ Gregorsoft
Animefu Animefringe Algol Star System
MagicgrafX Shadow of a Hedgehog project ch@os
the evangelion otaku page Contemplation Guide to NGE SegaXtreme
The Sonic Corner Vast Lands of Grandia The Video Game Museum
Penny Arcade! Planet Gamecube Noriyuki Iwadare's World
Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut