Old SonicStuff Updates
Phantasy Star II - Kind's Adventure

Again, we have a new Phantasy Star Text Adventure ROM ripped from from Sega's old SegaNet service - Phantasy Star II - Kind's Adventure. Thanks again to Sonic CulT for this one, despite the derogatory message that they put in the ROM header that I got rid of. I'd just like to remind you all that SonicStuff is here only to provide the community with a resource of ROMs, ISOs, music, comics and other media. We are in no way trying to oppose Sonic CulT - if anything,  we are here to compliment it with some of the downloads it has provided in the past.


Sonic Advance 3 Pre-released!

That's right, and you'll find it in the ROMs Section. Note that because it's an early leak of it that there are still a few minor bugs in the game, but it is still possible to complete!

We also have some ROMs ripped from from Sega's old SegaNet service thanks to Sonic CulT - Sonic Eraser, Phantasy Star II - Anne's Adventure, Phantasy Star II - Huey's Adventure and Phantasy Star II - Shilka's Adventure!

We are looking for reviews to the ROMs and ISOs that are hosted on SonicStuff. If you'd like to help out, read more about it here.

Finally, we are expecting a bandwidth upgrade at some point in April, so by May expect all the Music to be back up, plus much, much, more!


Quick Note

Due to bandwidth issues, all the OSTs (apart from Crush 40) have had to be temporarily removed. They should be up as soon as a bandwidth limiting script thing is on the server.

NB: Before e-mailing or Instant Messaging me, please read the FAQ located on the Forum.


Crush 40!

Crush 40 are the band compromised of Jun Senoue, Johnny Gloell, Naoto Shibata and Hirotsuqu Homma. The band was originally formed in Japan as "Sons of Angels", and their first album, entitled "Thrill of the Feel" contained their first killer track - "Open Your Heart" (which you may remember as Sonic Adventure's main theme).

This album is an 'update' of "Thrill of the Feel", with new tracks "It Doesn't Matter" (Sonic Adventure), "Live & Learn" (Sonic Adventure 2) and "Escape From The City" (Sonic Adventure 2).

Now go download it in the 'Music' section.


Just a quickie... three new ROMs.

Okay, we've got some new ROMs in. Firstly, the US version of Sonic Battle. Secondly, the prototype Sega Master System version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Lastly, the GBA Chao Garden, ripped straight off the Sonic Adventure: DX disc.

Coming very soon: Crush 40.


Stop press!

I've received word that the OST I'm currently hosting is not the real Sonic Heroes / Sonic Adventure DX vocal track OST. Apparently they're just rips of the music from the game disc, as each song ends abruptly (rather than having extended outros made especially for the OST).

I'm leaving it up for the moment, but just be aware of this fact before you go downloading it.


SONIC HEROES ~ Triple Threat Vocal Trax

Happy New Year!

Anyway, the latest update is a pretty nifty one. It's a pre-release of the latest Sonic Heroes / Sonic Adventure DX OST. It isn't supposed to be released until next month! Don't sue!

I've got a load of other stuff uploaded... I just need to sort out all the HTML for the pages. I also want to be a tad more careful with my bandwidth... I think this latest update could cause a bit of a surge in terms of hits.

We're also planning on a site redesign soon... so stay tuned.


Sonic Battle

The Japanese ROM of Sonic Battle for the GBA is out now. You can find it along with Sonic N, Sonic N Beta (both for the Nokia N-Gage) and Sonic Jam 6 (a Public Domain ROM) in the 'ROMs' section of the site.

I hope to do a major update over the next three days, but looking back at my history of updating... who knows? In any case, I'm currently uploading a ton of new stuff, so stay tuned!


Rumours of my death have been mildly exaggerated...

Firstly, we have a forum! Be sure to register if you're a regular here at SonicStuff, and even if you're not you should get a kick out of it. Thanks to Myau for hosting it. You'll find her fantastic Phantasy Star site under the affiliates section from now on.

After a Hard Disk Drive crash, it's been a little hard to get back to work on the site, but I've finally started to get on with it. Over the next few days I'll be uploading 10 full issues of Sonic the Comic (special thanks to Chilly for those) along with more OSTs and rips.

Edit: Issues #66, #67, #68, #70, #71, #72, #73, #75, #76 and #77 of Sonic the Comic have been uploaded to the Comics section. Again, a big thanks to Chilly for these excellent scans!


The ROMs are back up!

After a long wait, all the ROMs are finally up. The site's had several problems since the last update, and most of them involve the movies page. The subtitled episodes of Sonic X have been down for some time due to bandwidth limitations, and we had to take the original Sonic the Hedgehog animé down after ADV Films requested that we do so. The movies page is still hogging a lot of the site's bandwidth, so it may be up and down every so often depending on the situation.

Other than that, there are a few new comics up. I have some corrections and improvements to make to the site (for example, the ROMs page needs to be tidied up, and there are some bad links in the Music section). I'm hoping to have a couple of Warez and a few more OSTs up for the next (hopefully sooner than last time) update.

Also, if there's anyone out there that's experienced in setting up and configuring the layout to phpBB boards out there, and is willing to help me out by setting one up for SonicStuff, please get in touch.


First Update!

OK, SonicStuff is up and running! Sorry for the rather generic name, but I had no idea what to call the site. Meh, what's in a name anyway, right? This site is basically an evolution from SonicROMs.co.uk, except now we've got a lot more webspace, and I've got a lot more free time - which means more downloads for you lot!

First and foremost I have to thank Devin of Sonic Strike for his most generous gift of hosting the site on his server - be sure to thank him in return by heading over to his site!

Anyway, as far as downloads go, there's a lot available. There are 16 Sonic Team related rips and Original Soundtracks up, as well as the first 11 Sonic X episodes (the first 4 are subbed, the rest are raw), a subbed version of the original Sonic animé, all the Sonic CD ISOs (all 3 regions and all 3 Betas) and 13 scanned stories from the Fleetway (UK) Sonic Comics.

We are looking for contributions, so if you have anything that we don't, contact me via AOL Instant Messenger, or e-mail me at: "skye [at] gibnynex [dot] gi" (written like that to avoid spambots). Also, if you'd like to become an affiliated/linked to this site, just contact me the same way as above.

Be warned - if anyone starts to leech (directly link to files) hosted on this site, the download in question will be removed. We are providing you with these downloads out of our own kindness, and if you want to inform someone of a download hosted on this site, then give them the link to the main page of SonicStuff, rather than the direct link to the download.

All ROMs and more ISOs should be uploaded for the next update, so stay tuned!