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Welcome to SonicStuff, here you'll find ROMs, ISOs, Music, Comics and more to do with Sonic the Hedgehog and other Sonic Team games!

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The GBA Video of Sonic X is now available to download!

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New ROMs

You'll find the US version Sonic Advance 3, the European pre-release version of Sonic Advance 3 and the Game Boy Advance Video of Sonic X Volume 1 entitled "A Super Sonic Hero" in the 'ROMs' section. As far as I know, the GBA Video does not work with the Visual Boy Advance emulator yet, so don't pester me about it.

You'll also notice some non-profit Donnie Darko: Director's Cut banners around the site. Respect.


Major Update!

After three days of arduous work all the music that was up before is now restored, along with a host of new OSTs and rips. This means that SonicStuff now has a grand total of 21 OSTs and 12 Rips / Redbook Audios!

A Manuals section has been added, and several sections that were empty have been removed for the time being. Hotlinking protection has also been added, so SonicStuff's downloads will no longer be leeched by other sites.

You should notice that the frame above has the link bar to go to each section. This is there temporarily until I somehow get the new PHP design working. If you're having any problems with it, e-mail me.

We are looking for reviews to the ROMs and ISOs that are hosted on SonicStuff. If you'd like to help out, read more about it here.

If you have anything to contribute (details on bad links, new information on OSTs, manual scans, etc.) please e-mail me.


Sonic Advance 3 Pre-release Removed

Sega of Europe have kindly asked that I remove the Sonic Advance 3 Pre-release from SonicStuff, so I have done so. Please don't e-mail me asking if you can have it, because I just won't send it to you. If you want it, there are plenty of other places that have it...


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